Much Work To Do

From the outside our home looks great but on the inside it's suffering from the 1940's. We're on our way though and will have everything updated to the "20teens" just in time for 2020.

A Big Improvement On The Previous Kitchen

The part of my house that I have remodeled recently is the kitchen. Before I did this I thought it would be a relatively stress free task but I was very much mistaken. The first thing we did was decide on the style we wanted in the kitchen. For us, the layout of the kitchen […]

The Bathroom Walls Were Pink!

Ever seen a bathroom like this when looking at homes and immediately recoiled? Well I took it a step further and bought one. Not only did I buy it but I lived in it and used that bathroom for at least eight years before tearing the room down to the studs. This was no small […]

Baby’s Room

Ok, so maybe we let our inner nerds take over a bit as we remodeled the nursery. I know it’s supposed to be things like building blocks and cute cuddly teddy bears but we ended up with a Star Wars theme. Is sure hope Elijah like Yoda and Han Solo. The first thing we had […]


Hi there and welcome to our blog. We discussing some of the things that are happening around our home and documenting some of the improvements we are making along the way. I hope you'll join us and that you get some ideas for your own house too.