Baby’s Room

Ok, so maybe we let our inner nerds take over a bit as we remodeled the nursery. I know it’s supposed to be things like building blocks and cute cuddly teddy bears but we ended up with a Star Wars theme. Is sure hope Elijah like Yoda and Han Solo.

The first thing we had to do was liven up the walls a bit. They were a very dull grey color, almost like steel really. We painted them a much more lively and happy shade of yellow while keeping the trim the original white color.

Then we pulled out the old window sashes and put in two new replacement windows. That was a mistake because we didn’t realize that as part of replacing the windows we would have to pull the trim off of our freshly painted walls. So after we put the new windows in we had to repaint quite a bit to satisfy my perfectionism. Live and learn right?

Help Me Pick The Hardware For Our Cabinets

We also wanted to make the most use out of the limited closet space that we had. The closet was only 32″ wide with a 24″ hollow core door so we went to IKEA and picked up some of the basic shelving and basket systems that they had. This was perfect because now instead of just having some clothes hanging from a rod and a pile of toys on the floor we have a space for diapers, clothes, shoes, and just about everything else we need.

We hung a new ceiling fan too. The old light fixture in the room was original to the house, about 1940, and was so retro it was cool again. We got a simple ceiling fan from Lowe’s and got a Millennium Falcon pull chain for it. So cute!

Last was the window treatments. Nothing too crazy here except for the Yoda curtains. Cool right? We added a couple pictures to the walls that were also sci-fi related and we are done. The whole project cost us about $600 with the windows being the most expensive part. We now have a true bedroom for Elijah and we couldn’t be happier.

A Big Improvement On The Previous Kitchen

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