The Bathroom Walls Were Pink!

Ever seen a bathroom like this when looking at homes and immediately recoiled?


Well I took it a step further and bought one. Not only did I buy it but I lived in it and used that bathroom for at least eight years before tearing the room down to the studs. This was no small feat.

Well the demo the demo went pretty easy but putting all the new stuff in was more work than I anticipated. In the end I ended up copping out and hiring someone to finish the job. When the going gets tough the not so tough hire a contractor to finish the job. I can’t say I’m ashamed because I was in way over my head. Lesson learned.

The updated bathroom looks overall fantastic, however.

It’s far from perfect as I see all the stuff I did wrong that most people don’t notice, but it’s really not that bad at all.

My biggest mistake was not doing one more sanding and coat on compound on on the sheet rock. The second biggest was a couple planning errors with the tile on the shower walls. Two things that can be fixed but I’m just not sure it’s worth it.

The New Stuff

The Floor

I don’t even remember the color of the old tiles anymore but they were 1″ square and kept popping up for one reason or another. The worst area was in the corner of the tub where it was obvious that water damage had been done over the years. The subfloor was very soft and the tiles there had nothing to stick to.

The shower curtain just wasn’t “idiot proof” enough for us and we kept getting that area wet again and again.

Now we have 1′ square porcelain tiles that we still love enough that we are considering using them in the kitchen as well.

The Door

Bye-bye shower curtain and hello sliding glass door. My still hates the door and would have preferred another curtain but like I said, we just couldn’t keep the floor dry. No more damaged subfloor, well not that I’m aware of anyway.

I like the look of the sliding glass door too. It shows off the tile in the shower that I worked so hard on even if it’s not perfect. For my first attempt at tiling something like that it came out decently.

The Walls

Pink tile begone!

All the sheetrock had to be replaced once the tile was removed. We put a traditional baseboard trim around the room and a chair rail as well. We bought a couple gallons on Benjamin Moore paint in two different but coordinating colors and painted above and below the chair rail in two different colors. It’s probably the best and more striking feature of the room.

Tub and Tile

Did I mention that the old bathtub was green?

The was no option but t take it out of there. IT was cast iron so this was no small task. The easiest thing to do was smash it into bits with a sledge hammer.

We put a new aluminum tub in there and replaced all the pink tiles with larger white ones that extended almost all the way to the ceiling. We added a rope towards the top with a row of tiles turned on a 45 degree angle with another course of rope above that before capping it off with a course of bullnose.

Sink And Toilet

Of course those had to go too as they were green as well. Nothing fancy here, just a nice pedestal sink and an elongated toilet (white of course) but these changes obviously made an incredible difference as well.

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