How To Shrink The Cost Of Caesarstone Countertops

caesarstone-estimate-featuredCountertops are expensive but there as few ways to whittle down the expense into something a bit more affordable. It’s a two step process but we’re going to make this as easy for you as we can.

The first thing you should do is get a quick quartz estimate so you won’t be blown away by the quote you get back from the home improvement contractor.

Take a couple quick measurements of your existing counters and plug those number in below for a quick estimate.


The second and most important thing to do to keep those prices low is to get at least two more quotes from local companies. It’s your best protection against being overcharged by the first company that quoted you. Go here to find a couple more pros in your area that can handle the job.

Caesarstone breaks their pricing structure down to A,B,C, and D. The tool you just used in based on B, which is what most people choose. You might find quotes to come back up to 80% higher than the tool above. It depends on which color and pattern you choose.

Any homeowner should consider Caesarstone quartz countertops for not only the beauty and natural aesthetics they provides but for their functionality and strength. This engineered stone uses approximately 93% crushed stone, which is mixed with pigments and polymer resins.

They’ve developed a fantastic reputation for providing top quality quartz benchtops along that matches their lifetime residential guarantee.

They’re Competitively Priced

When you start comparing the cost of different quartz on the market you’ll find Caesarstone to be very competitively priced.

In order get it for your own home you’ll end up paying anywhere from $50 up to $100 per square foot. That’s roughly the same as granite. The amount you’ll have to pay will depend on various factors including the type of slabs you pick out, the edge profile, the thickness and shape.

It’s sold through authorized dealers and in most cases the estimate will include the cost of the quartz counter, the fabrication of it and the installation.

There are different edgings to choose from including square, bevel, bullnose and ogee. Some dealers will charge extra for the edging while others will automatically include it in their total price.

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If you have an odd shaped kitchen, such as an L-shaped or a U-shaped one, you may also have to pay a premium for the installation. Countertops with odd shapes will need precise seam-matching to make it look like it is all one piece of stone.

Price, Color and Texture

Caesarstone offers a wide variety of color and texture choices so that you can easily match it to the other furniture and appliances in your kitchen. Whether you have a traditional or a modern design in the room, quartz countertops can resonate with any decorating tone.

If you’re looking for a countertop that’s a bit more rugged and feels more natural with some texture to it, you find that with Caesarstone. If, on the other hand, you want something slick and glossy they can make that happen for you too.

The price that you’re going to have to pay will depend on the dealer that you are working with. Take a look at stone yards, IKEA and local kitchen and bath showrooms to start collecting estimates. Get quotes that include the counter and the installation so that you can easily compare the numbers.

The price will vary from one dealer to another but you can be assured that the high quality of the quartz itself will always be consistent. The varied estimates you see will usually be from the installation and fabrication. The expense of the material itself will be pretty consistent.