Illustrated Guide To Wainscoting


Here’s a nice example found on Armstrong’s websites.  It clears up a common question about the difference between beadboard and wainscot.

Quick tip: If you came here looking for waynes coating, this is what you’re looking for. It’s a common misspelling.

Beadboard vs Wainscoting

Beadboard is simply a type of paneling that’s made to mimic tongue and groove. It is a very popular choice to be used for wainscot. They’re actually very different but the words have at times become synonymous with one another.


Above is a completely out of the box example found on the Homestyle design blog. It may not be what you were expecting to see at all but it’s definitely a good example of how creative you can be.

How To Fake It


This is a more traditional example that you were probably expecting to see. Here it looks like they are trying to mimic recessed paneling using plywood and some basic trim over the wall covering.

How To Make It


This Old House made this fantastic illustration that shows exactly how it should be constructed.


Here’s what it looks like when constructed like the diagram from This Old House. The difference in the depth of the paneling is striking, isn’t it? We found this example here on Firmus Woodworking. This is a hallway but it would spectacular in a foyer or bathroom as well.

Are you wondering if this is a project you can handle yourself? You bet it is! Check out this video from DIYer April Wilkerson.

I hope this illustrated guide has cleared up some of the confusion for you. It’s is actually a pretty straightforward topic that just happens to have a lot of options. All those choices can make it confusing, and lead to a lot of questions, which we hope we have answered for you.

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