Coffee Tableaux

Well, it’s about time we got our coffee table fixed and painted.  I think it was last July when we went up to Portland and got Scott’s cousin Lee to make a duplicate for our missing table side rail.  I am happy to report that over 6 months later the table is done and installed.  Here is the documentation of the arduous process.

The walnut top was stained and worn and looked dark in our living room.  Here is the start of the sanding process.  We later broke down and bought a 50 buck hand sander – SO worth it.

 Scraping off the old glue to re-attach the old (and new) side rails

 Gluing ’em on.  Materials needed: chisel, tape, glue, hammer, diet coke.

 Yes, this blog post was sponsored by the Coca Cola Companies.

Apparently the new piece was a tad short – nothing a little wood filler couldn’t fix.

 We used an oil based paint for a glossier smoother finish. We brushed and rolled on the top and sprayed the bottom. Below is the infamous spraying of the incorrect color – the second time around looked way better – don’t ask how we ended up spraying the base the wrong color.  Also, Scott made the mistake of not wearing shoes while spraying and ended up with orange feet. 

 In place in the living room (although every time I see the room from this angle I am struck by how badly we NEED a large painting on that back wall instead of my college dorm room poster)

 A close up with the world’s largest book that Scott got me for my birthday.