Fall Florals and Flavors

This weekend we did a little fall planting.  I filled some potswith the requisite pansies and mums and a purple groundcover.  The newly populated planters add some great color to the stoop which otherwise had been occupied by spider web infested dead plantings (perhaps should have kept those for Halloween). I can’t help myself – perhaps it’s the nesting instinct. I just love ringing in the new season with colorful plants and new veggies. Since the flax lining our walk had since bit the dust, I used the extra pansies in the flower bed (for those of you worried about me gardening at 9+ months pregnant, I made Scott do the bed plantings so I could just sit on the stoop to do the planters). Can’t wait to see how everything fills in.

 We also ripped out the heirloom tomatoes and put in some arugula and chard.  Having experienced the forest of arugula we got last year, we decided it was probably best to use the tomato cages that we had from the summer to keep the plants from toppling over when they get top heavy.  And they are nice sculptural bamboo, so they add an architectural element to the garden.

I know – the chard looks really pathetic at the moment, but I’m confident that they will grow to be large and robust.