Blogger Style Challenge

Yes you!  Bloggers, style enthusiasts, fashionistas….  A lot of you have commented on my new fashion design boards (above), and I know so many of you out there are at least as stylish as me, if not more so. So I’m bringing the challenge to the blogosphere.

Submit your idea of the perfect outfit for a new mom who has just returned to the work world.

It doesn’t have to just be work wear.  The outfit can be for date night, a weekend brunch with the gals, a toddler playdate or just kicking around town.  I’ll feature it here at the Eagle’s Nest and one lucky person will be the winner of a fun prize.  Feel free to forward the challenge on to other blog and design folk.  The more entries the better. 

If you’re not a graphics person and need help putting the board together, feel free to just send me the images and/or links and I will compose it for you. Just remember, we need the links to each source / item so that everyone can go purchase all the fabulous items you select.  Happy shopping and styling!