Guest Post: Full House, Getting Organized

First off, let me introduce you to Christina from Full House .  Christina is a mother of 5, yes, I said FIVE.  She has an amazing blog about design, her family, fashion etc.  I’m not sure how she manages to be so stylish while tending to so many kiddos, but she does it all while fitting in home renovation and craft projects and fun outings for the kids.  Today Christina is sharing some of her ideas on getting organized in the new year:

Hi there Eagle’s Nest readers.  It is so great to be here today.  First off I wanted to say that Jess is one fine blogger and I have really enjoyed peeking not only into her design life but her life of being a new Mom with that adorable baby.  Anyway back to the post..I had thought about a guest post that included something about motherhood and how to heal kids the hippy Momma way but then I snapped out of it and decided to go with something that frequents my thought patterns as of late…these thoughts happen more around the New Year…”getting organized”.  Not just the boring kind of organized but the kind that is both functional and stylish.  Like perhaps with acrylic or lucite.  

First up acrylic shelving:

I really love the look of the below custom shelves that are thicker than most manufactured acrylic shelves on the market.  If I were to accomplish this look I would probably outsource to a company called California Acrylic Design.  Still would be an investment but doable, yes.  If that weren’t in the cards then I would consider these less expensive shelves from the container store.

Next up are magazine and shelf dividers:

A good source for shelf dividers would be  Then to organize all of those magazines that I know all of design bloggers have I would go back to the container store and look right here.

Then we all need some good acrylic containers to help keep us organized in our closets and bathrooms as seen in the above picture of Erica’s closet makeover.  You could pick some of those babies up right here.

Lastly who wouldn’t want an acrylic peg board system in their workspace?  I would suggest picking up all of those items over on Amazon.  In fact just put acrylic into the search engine on Amazons site and you will be amazed at everything that pops up;-)

Again thanks for having me and here is to 2012!