Upstairs Patio Redesign

Recently my friends Kellie and Adam asked me to help them with the design of their upstairs patio. I had previously helped them with the interiors of their home, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with them on an outdoor space.  They’re out in LA, but since I’d seen their patio before and knew their style, I figured it was a challenge that I could tackle (and Kellie provided some thorough photography and measurements).  Here is what the patio looks like right now.

As you can see, it’s a bit of a dust bowl and could use some TLC.  Adam and Kellie generally use the patio for lounging, reading magazines and enjoying a cocktail.  They like having lounge chairs that they can move around to take advantage of the shifting sun and shade throughout the day.  Here is the plan I came up with.  Two wide, comfortable chaises, a few ceramic stools as cocktail tables, a small flexible umbrella (mainly to shade the dog), a storage bench for cushions, and a cocktail cart.

The overall look has a Tuscan feel. Nancy from Weeds Bloom Landscape Design is helping with the planting and using economical wine barrels as well as salvaging some of the existing zinc planters for a rustic wine-country feel.