And then there was…


Yes. It’s officially here. Time to buy the babe some snow gear and get all of those little gaps around our doors and windows insulated and sealed from the cold air.  I have to count my blessings though.  We made it through the nor’Easter without losing power again and I had the forethought to buy a shovel, scraper and some salt for the stairs and walk.  I wish I’d taken a photo of the winter wonderland this morning.  But it still looks pretty good this afternoon.

And here are a few updated (well, sort of, if a few weeks ago counts as updated) photos of the house.  The various storms have certainly set us back.  But things are moving along gradually. Hope to have the upstairs 100% complete in the next few days and then on to finishing the kitchen and the built-ins.  Sadly, the subfloor in the kitchen which I’d hoped to paint and stencil was rotten so it needs to be ripped up and we will be doing some sort of vinyl or linoleum tile instead.  Not quite as creative, but it’ll do the job and not be as expensive as putting down a new wood floor only to paint it again.  Can’t wait to share more as it starts to look like a real home.