A Big Improvement On The Previous Kitchen

The part of my house that I have remodeled recently is the kitchen. Before I did this I thought it would be a relatively stress free task but I was very much mistaken. The first thing we did was decide on the style we wanted in the kitchen. For us, the layout of the kitchen was poor so we wanted to increase the amount of floor space that we had. To do this I created a floor plan and we measured up each appliance and decided where it would be best to put it. The next thing we did was to get several quotes by builders and kitchen fitters. We wanted to choose somebody that we felt was reliable, had a good reputation and had examples of similar work that we wanted.

Once we had chosen the people that we wanted we began purchasing different things for the kitchen. This part of the process was fun but also very confusing. The vast array of options out there was truly mind boggling. Thousands of different taps, handles, surfaces, finishes, tiles, and on and on. Sometimes too much choice can really hinder progress. Combine this with a wife that might disagree with your style choices and the outcome isn’t great! This took a long time. After we decided on the finishes we would like, we ordered them and the work commenced on ripping the old kitchen out and making the walls good for the new kitchen.

Once the kitchen fitters came it was a relatively stress free experience. It was just a little awkward because I work from home and they were there from the morning until the evening. This lasted for about a week. I am happy to say that the new kitchen is now finished and i’m incredibly pleased with the results. The floor space is much greater and everything seems to work, a big improvement on the previous kitchen!

This is not mine but very similar to what we have done.