Gallery Wall

I’m so awful when it comes to photographs. I take them. They end up on my computer. But I definitely suffer from one of the problems of the digital age in that I never print my photos or make albums out of them. So recently I took it upon myself to create a gallery wall. … Read more

On the walls

Well, Danika’s still got me inspired with her Chinoiserie painted wallcovering. As I mentioned, I might do something similar in our upstairs bath.   I love the idea of a tonal version of this Paul Montgomery trellis and birds, but I’d rather do something organic so I don’t have to measure things out. For the powder room that is … Read more

Curve Line Space

So recently we attended the NELA Art Walk with a group of friends. The art walk occurs every second Saturday and consists of various galleries in the Eagle Rock and Highland Park area opening their doors to the public, serving drinks and being generally convivial.  This past one, we hit up Curve Line Space in Eagle Rock and Larkins (yum!) and … Read more

Guestroom Art

Recently I got a couple of pieces of art framed for the guestroom.  I bought these in Stanley Market in HK and I think the framing probably cost 10 times as much as the paintings themselves.  I also bought the great Oriental style picture hanging hardware at Stanley Market.  I love how it completes the … Read more