Master Bedroom Update

I’m thrilled to share with you my latest passion project – a complete interior design transformation of my master bedroom. As someone who loves home decor, I’ve been dreaming of this project for years, and I’m excited to finally share the results with you. My goal was to create a space that was both luxurious … Read more

The Master Bedroom – Swing arm sconces

Remember back when I was brainstorming all these color schemes for our master bedroom?  Well, I changed my mind yet again. To jog your memory, here is what the room looked like most recently. I was at Calico Corners and found this awesome black and white diamond fabric and thought it would look great as draperies in our … Read more

The Master Bedroom

So remember back before Bryan was born? I’d done a little concept board for his room and Scott liked it so much that he wanted me to do one for every room in the house (and the end product was pretty much on par with what the board looked like, so now he’s definitely hooked) . Now, … Read more

Bryan’s Room

I know I’ve promised this for a while now.  Today Bryan’s Room is being featured over at The Boo and The Boy.  Go check out the finished product.  Julia, thanks for the post!

Master Bedroom Drapery Options

I’ve been contemplating doing stationary drapery in our bedroom for a while.  Everything is so rectilinear in that room.  You enter and you’re greeted by two large rectangular chinoiserie panels flanking a rectangular  / almost square window.  Rectangular bed, rectangular headboard, rectangular dressers, rug etc. The room clearly needs some softening.  That said, we have … Read more

Philly Transformation

So my brother and his wife are moving to New York from Philly and they’re renting out their Old City condo in the process.  This inspired them do a little spritzing up and to take some beauty shots of their place before packing up their worldly belongings and heading north.  It’s amazing what a transformation their place … Read more

Nest on Etsy

I’ve been dropping a few hints on my blog about some new items that were coming your way in 2011. Well, the first has finally arrived!  I’m happy to announce the opening of my new Nest Studio Etsy Shop.  The first item I’ll be selling is a duvet set designed by yours truly (and based on … Read more

Headboard Headboard on the wall…

After a month or two of psyching myself up for hanging, the headboard has finally been hung in the master bedroom.  Credits: Valley Forge – pleatherStupid Amazon store – nailheads that ended up in three bandaged fingersOOK – hanging cleats (remains to be seen how we feel about these)Home Depot – wood, screws, brackets etc … Read more