Front Panting Beds

Well, if you recall, the planting bed between the house and front walkway was a row of beautiful bronze flax.  Flax is super hardy in our climate but somehow I have a knack for killing it. I think the bed, too, had a little to do with it – poor drainage (one side is really … Read more

Fall Florals and Flavors

This weekend we did a little fall planting.  I filled some potswith the requisite pansies and mums and a purple groundcover.  The newly populated planters add some great color to the stoop which otherwise had been occupied by spider web infested dead plantings (perhaps should have kept those for Halloween). I can’t help myself – perhaps it’s … Read more


Wowzers, the garden has really grown in this season! Remember what it looked like just a month ago? or even last July, or April when we planted everything? Crazy happy planties.  And check out my crazy tall arteeechoke!

Garden Progress

Some of you have been asking how the garden is looking these days.  It’s growing in quite nicely.  Remember what it looked like way back when we planted the herb garden and the back?  Saturday I did some transplanting and trimming.  Here are the herb garden and back garden as they look now.  The front yard needs to … Read more

Arugula Redux

Remember when I planted the arugula in our yard?  I posted about it back in October.  Well, it’s growing like a weed (it sort of looks like a weed too). Those of you who have been to Italy know that their rucola or rocket is super nutty, spicy and earthy…. umami to the core.  Baby arugula … Read more


Our first harvest of arugula. One thing I just learned is that the older leaves are more spicy and pungent than the baby variety.  Which explains why the arugula that we got on our honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast was so much more tasty than those found in our local grocery store bags. No more … Read more

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme

OK, so there isn’t any thyme, but my new kitchen herb garden does consist of rosemary, lavendar, sage, oregano, mint, thyme, lemon mint, basil and peppers. BEFORE AFTER And some artichokes elsewhere in the yard.   Not bad.  Now planties, go on and grow.