Kitchen Update Part I

As someone who loves to cook, I’ve always dreamed of having the perfect kitchen to whip up all my culinary creations. But until recently, my kitchen was far from ideal – it was outdated, cramped, and lacking in both storage and counter space. That’s why I decided to embark on a kitchen remodel, and I … Read more

Nest Studio Hardware in the D Pages

Check out the article on the Nest Studio Hardware Line in the mid-month issue of the D Pages!  I’m so excited that my hardware was so prominently featured in such a great online design mag.  Be on the lookout for more collaborations between Nest Studio and the D pages.  Until my e-commerce site is up and running, for order … Read more

Hardware Line Update: Classic Series

Hey Folks!  Some of you have been following along with the growth of my hardware line. A few months back we got featured in the New York Times Style Section online and Canada’s Style at Home.  Those were some exciting times. Well, more excitement is in the air here. Be on the lookout for a few more features, and … Read more

The Kitchen Island

First off, thank you for all the compliments on the kitchen floor.  It was by far one of the biggest DIY projects I’ve taken on and I’m so glad it was such a success.  But you didn’t think the kitchen was complete, did you?  Next on the docket is adding the island, creating a cushion … Read more

The Kitchen Floor – An Update

Well, the kitchen floor got started last week. I was hoping to actually complete it as well but a cold slowed me down.  So today I’m stenciling (wish me luck).  But I thought I’d show you the progress from last week. The floor was a light grey basecoat originally. To add a bit more contrast … Read more

The Kitchen Floor

Well, I know some of you have seen some photos of the kitchen floor via facebook and instagram, but I have yet to do a full on blog post about the process and final result.  And I know it is eagerly awaited. After some serious overcommitment and some resulting stress-induced sickness (and a toddler with … Read more


So the kitchen floor is coming together, but sadly will not be done until January. We have some issues to work out with the back doors to the future deck, and it doesn’t make sense to do the floor until all of the traipsing around the kitchen is over and done with.  So be on the lookout … Read more

The Kitchen Floor

So, I finally decided on the Shipibo Allover Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils for the kitchen floor.  Right now the space looks like this. I colored up the stencil and I’m liking the deco feel with a little bit of an encaustic tile look.  I can’t decide though if I want to add some black to make it more contrasty … Read more

And then there was…

Winter. Yes. It’s officially here. Time to buy the babe some snow gear and get all of those little gaps around our doors and windows insulated and sealed from the cold air.  I have to count my blessings though.  We made it through the nor’Easter without losing power again and I had the forethought to … Read more

The Kitchen Floor

Ah, the saga continues.  Well, while we were gone for Thanksgiving, our GC ripped up our kitchen floor and put down new finished plywood and painted it the specified grey. It looks really nice and clean and doesn’t feel like it’s going to cave in when you walk on it.   So the plan is to do a … Read more