Area Rug Roundup

I’m working on putting together a concept board for our living room. Scott loved the board I did for the Baby’s Room so much that he decided I should do one for each area of our house. Now some areas are simpler and therefore don’t need boards, but I’ve tired of the orange in the living room, so I think putting a … Read more

Living Room Progress

Indeed, I’ve been posting about Ikat & Batik’s etsy shop a lot lately (check out my GIVEAWAY going on through Thursday below) .  But their stuff is pretty darn awesome, so I’m not feeling bad about being redundant.   I just got my pillow covers in the mail, took a trip to Michael Levine downtown for inserts on the cheap and … Read more

Coffee Tableaux

Well, it’s about time we got our coffee table fixed and painted.  I think it was last July when we went up to Portland and got Scott’s cousin Lee to make a duplicate for our missing table side rail.  I am happy to report that over 6 months later the table is done and installed.  … Read more

Ikat Pillow Giveaway!

I mentioned Ikat and Batik’s Etsy shop last week on my blog here, and I was so excited about the designs and price point that I ordered a set for myself.  I just received my pillow covers and was not disappointed.  I can’t wait to get the inserts and get them placed around the house – photos of that to come.  … Read more

Fiddle Dee Dee

I’m thinking a Fiddle Leaf Fig (perhaps with a uplight behind it) would look quite dramatic in this corner of our living room.  Question though – where do you find one that isn’t ridiculously expensive.  Rolling Greens had one for 200 bucks –  that seems a little much for a house plant, no?  Any ideas would be … Read more