Illustrated Etymology: Wainscot

You know you’ve heard the term wainscot thrown around on those decorating shows and you may have wondered what in the heck they’re talking about.  Even as a designer and art historian, this term confuses me.  Is it spelled “wainscoat” and pronounced “wainscot”…. or is it spelled “wainscot” and pronounced “wainscoat”?  It’s just one of those things … Read more

New Series: Illustrated Etymology: Enfilade

Today I’m starting a new series called Illustrated Etymology where I take a architectural, decor, or design term and tell you about the meaning, provenance and give you a little illustration to go along with it. A little snapshot of some of the things you learn in school but more fun than sitting through a lecture.  Today’s word is “Enfilade”. … Read more