Help Me Pick the Hardware for Our Cabinets

I know that picking out cabinet hardware should be a simple task but I’m having trouble making a choice because there are just too many decisions. At Lowe’s alone there are hundreds of choices!

See what I mean?

I think we have it narrowed to a style at least. We want to keep it simple so we’re going with knob pulls that are a little on the larger size, around 1 and 5/16″ in a satin nickel finish to match the faucet.

This is the Lugarno, we found it at Restoration Hardware and it’s inline with what we’re looking for. But we want to have a little more fun exploring our options before choosing the very first one we agreed on. Maybe this one is a little too simple anyway. It’s probably best to get the cabinetry in hand before making a final choice anyway.

While it’s nice to have options this is a little crazy!

A small part of the Nest Eagle Rock team wants something a little more fancy as well. Simple can be boring, right?

A like these French style pulls as well even though they are more for a dresser than a cabinet door or drawer.


I’m just not convinced I’m going to like them for the long haul. They can be easily changed, however.

And another part of me would love to get creative. Check out these ones made from old railroad spikes. Totally not appropriate for our style of cabinets but we love them anyway.

Both of these were found at these Etsy stores, here and here, respectively.

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