Today we head south of New Jersey to visit Laura Boissonnault’s beautiful garden.

Laura’s house is a colonial house from 1920 and her romantic country house garden design complements the building perfectly.

white fence with pink hydrangeasDelicate pink hydrangeas (hydrangea Macrophylls, Zones 6–9) and blue clematis (clematis Hybrid, large-flowered group, zones 5–9) glow against bright white fences.

Vegetable garden beds with marigoldEven the vegetable garden is gorgeous, with a soft peach colored marigold (Marigold officinalis, annual) blooming in the foreground. Calendula is beautiful and the petals are edible too.

Plants grow along a white fenceAlternating clumps of saliva (Salvia nemorosa, Zones 3–8) and pink seaweed (Armeria maritima, Zones 4-8) bloom against a white fence.

light pink flowers grow near the houseThis part of the garden is all pale pink with roses and annuals.

Potted plants on porch stepsPots of geraniums (Pelargonium Hybrid, annual) bloom on the front steps. It is clear that Laura is very thoughtful about choosing the colors in the garden, relying heavily on pinks, blues, and purple to create a calm, consistent color story.

Rose-covered archWhat more romantic way of welcoming people into the garden than an arch covered with roses?

More climbing roses bloom on a white trellis. Climbing roses don’t cling to their supports like real vines, so each of the long stems must be carefully tied together to create such a display, and Laura did a wonderful job. The light color on the wall and the white trellis form the perfect backdrop for the glowing rose petals.

light pink dahlias in front of a gardenDelicate pink dahlias (dahlia Variabilis, Zones 8–10 or as a delicate onion) open their huge, many-leaved flowers. The view of the garden beyond shows that this is not a huge garden in the country, but a smaller room with lots of houses close by, but Laura used this space perfectly to create a magical garden.

Garden at sunsetWhat better way to end a visit to this garden than with a look at the glowing sky in soft pastel tones that reflects the flowers in the garden itself?

If you want to see more of Laura check out her Instagram: @howsitgrowingnj

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