Today we’re going to Malvern, Pennsylvania with Carla Z. Mudry.

Midsummer has reached my garden and I am in love with the uproar of textures, colors and scents. It’s a dizzying series and so soul-satisfying to me. The summer colors are amazing, and it’s worth all of the digging, weeding, planting, and trimming just to look around to see what’s growing!

I also have a greenhouse now. My new greenhouse is full of chili peppers that I grew from seeds. I love it. It’s only a small one, but it’s the perfect size for me to play with!

Sun hat (Echinacea Hybrids, zones 5-9) have come a long way in recent years, and this gorgeous white double shape is just stunning. It looks like it could be the ‘Milkshake’ variety.

Echinacea purpureaBut good old fashioned Echinacea purpurea (Zones 3–9) is always pretty gorgeous too and is hugely loved by a wide variety of pollinators.

dense planting of mixed dayliliesCarla’s summer garden is a riot of colors, with many daylilies (Hemerocallis, Zones 4–10) Focus on varieties.

Lavender daylilyLiterally thousands of new daylily hybrids are introduced each year in an ever-increasing range of colors and patterns. This soft lavender is particularly beautiful.

Daylily with light orange frilled flowersSome daylily aficionados like full, round, ruffled flowers.

pale pink and yellow star-shaped daylilyYou can also find daylily varieties with longer, smoother petals for a star-shaped bloom. Carla enjoys the full diversity of the daylily variety.

white oriental lily with sun hatReal lilies are often a little more picky than their daylily relatives, but their individual flowers last longer, and many, like this oriental lily (Lilium Hybrid, oriental group, zones 5–9), boast a powerful fragrance.

bright red daylily and panicle hydrangeaThis bright red daylily and panicle hydrangea (hydrangea paniculata, Zones 3–9) look great together, and both are long-lived, easy-to-grow plants.

Large-leaved hydrangea with brightly colored flowersThis large-leaved hydrangea (hydrangea Macrophylls, Zones 5–9) has unusual multi-colored flowers and looks like it might be the ‘pistachio’ variety.

Greenhouse full of pepper plantsCarla’s new greenhouse is currently filled with very happy pepper plants enjoying the extra warmth and longer growing season that a greenhouse offers.

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