Today Bruce and Suzanne Pearce share their garden with us.

We live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. Here are some photos from our spring garden.

Despite roses’ reputation for being picky, these look incredibly happy and beautiful.

Garden terrace with views of the water and mountainsIt’s hard to beat these incredible views from the garden! The hedge in the back of the garden offers protection and privacy without obscuring the landscape behind.

various spring flowering plantsHere are several spring blooming beauties with daffodils (daffodil Hybrids, zones 3–8) below, a yellow tulip (Tulipa Hybrid, zones 3–8) upper right and several ranunculus (Ranunculus Asiaticus, Zones 7-10 or as a yearbook) top left.

bright peach daffodilThis unusual variety of daffodils with extra petals in the middle creates a full trumpet.

double daffodil Layers of petals on this more typical double daffodil look almost more like a rose or camellia than a typical daffodil.

Mass of orange colored tulipsTulips in soft orange tones show their dark centers.

white double daffodilA double daffodil with pure white petals.

An incredible view is framed by spring blossoms, including fragrant lilacs (Syringa vulgaris, Zones 5-7).

Selection of bearded irisesA selection of bearded iris (iris Hybrids, zones 3-10). The name “Iris” comes from the Greek word for rainbow, and this picture shows how aptly this name is, as flowers come in almost all colors except true red, and often combine two or more colors in a single bloom.

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