Our house an apartment therapy

Last week, we had the pleasure of staging our home for an Apartment Therapy shoot. As someone who has always been passionate about interior design, it was a dream come true to have our space featured on such a prestigious platform.

I was thrilled to see the house tour finally released and couldn’t be happier with the different views it shows of our home. While our previous Woman’s Day shoot highlighted certain areas of our space, the Apartment Therapy tour provides a more comprehensive look at our house, including some of my favorite vignettes.

One of my favorite spaces in the tour is our living room, where you can see the unique mix of modern and vintage elements that make our home feel special. This room embodies our style, from the mid-century modern sofa to the vintage record player.

Another tour highlight is our dining room, which features a stunning light fixture and a rustic dining table that we picked up at a local antique shop. I love how the natural light floods this space, highlighting the beautiful details of the room.

My favorite part of the tour is how it captures the little moments that make our home feel warm and inviting. From the cozy reading nook in our bedroom to the playful wallpaper in our guest bathroom, each space feels uniquely personal and reflects our family’s personality and interests.

If you want to see the full tour, check it out on Apartment Therapy’s website. It provides inspiration for your own home and helps you see the beauty in the little moments that make a house a home.